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Breast Reconstruction (TRAM Flap)

This patient is a woman in her fifties who developed left breast cancer. She underwent mastectomy but was unable to undergo breast reconstruction at the same time due to multiple medical problems.

After several months, her medical problems were resolved to the point that she could have delayed left breast reconstruction with a TRAM flap. A year later, she underwent revision of the reconstructed left breast to make it more symmetric with the natural right breast. This was followed by reconstruction of the nipple.

As can be seen by the photos, the reconstructed left breast has healed well and is symmetric with the natural right breast. The postoperative photos were taken six weeks after reconstruction of the left nipple. The red scar near the nipple will fade over the next few months.

Tissue Expander

This patient is a woman in her thirties who had undergone right mastectomy for breast cancer six months previously. She had already decided to have her general surgeon perform left mastectomy and wanted bilateral breast reconstruction.

She underwent left mastectomy with immediate placement of bilateral tissue expanders. Five months later, the temporary tissue expanders were replaced by permanent breast prostheses. She underwent nipple reconstruction in the office later.

The photos demonstrate that the postoperative appearance of the breasts is much more symmetric if both breasts are reconstructed. This is because although implants have a pleasing contour, they do not allow the same shape and droop as natural breasts. Her nipples have been reconstructed, and she later underwent medical tattooing to restore the natural pink color of the nipples and areolae.

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