Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who care about you!
Welcome to Eich Plastic Surgery

Dr. Shelby Eich is a board-certified Birmingham plastic surgeon who is trained and experienced in all plastic surgery procedures, including those of the face, breast and body. His wealth of experience is a benefit to you, as you’ll feel comfortable knowing he has performed your procedure many, many times and has thousands of satisfied patients.

Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Prior to undergoing any plastic surgery procedure in our Birmingham plastic surgery office, Dr. Eich will meet with you for a personal and private consultation. The goal of the consultation is to identify which procedure is right for you, discuss the details of the procedure, and to do a physical exam to help Dr. Eich understand your exact goals. You can schedule this consultation simply by calling our office and requesting one.

Bring a Friend or Family Member with You

We encourage you to bring a close friend or family member, your spouse or other significant individual with you for your consultation, so that you can thoroughly understand the procedure, the recovery period, and so that both of you may ask the important questions that we know you have. Feel free to write down your questions in advance, so that when the consultation is completed, you’ll feel comfortable scheduling your procedure. 

Speaking of scheduling, we suggest that you check your calendar before your consultation appointment so that you have a list of two or three dates that would work for you. We will try our best to schedule your procedure on the date that you most prefer. You’ll want to be sure you have enough time both for the procedure itself and to feel rested and rejuvenated before you return to work, family events or other activities. If you’re not sure about the length of recovery time after a specific procedure, feel free to call the office and ask us.

While you’re in our office for your consultation, you’ll meet with our patient coordinator, who will help you choose your procedure’s date and discuss financing with you, if you choose to use financing to budget the cost of your procedure. A down payment on your procedure will be given to the office when you select your date, with the final fee due at your preoperative visit.

Your Preoperative Procedure Visit

About two weeks before your procedure, you’ll come to the office for your preoperative visit. During this visit, we will discuss the operative plan with you so that you clearly understand the procedure and the recovery period that follows. We will give you prescriptions for any postoperative pain medications, antibiotics, etc, and you will sign your surgery consent forms at this visit. The remaining balance of your procedure is collected at this time as well.

Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Although he has full privileges at St. Vincent’s East Hospital, the vast majority of Dr. Eich’s procedures are performed in his accredited, in-office surgery suite in Birmingham, which is convenient for most of central Alabama including Anniston, Gadsden, and Tuscaloosa. This surgery facility is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, Inc. so you can feel safe knowing that everything has been taken care of to ensure your best result in the safest environment.

On the day of your procedure, you’ll meet with our anesthetist and then Dr. Eich will “mark” your surgical area with a special marking pen prior to the start of the procedure itself. “Before” photographs will be taken, if they were not already done at your preoperative visit.

Your Recovery from Plastic Surgery

After your procedure, you’ll rest in our Recovery Room until you feel well enough to go home. You will want to bring someone with you to drive you home after the procedure. Dr. Eich will make sure that, when you leave our office, you have all the instructions you’ll need including the date and time of your first postoperative visit, how to care for your compression garments (if any), and instructions about showering, lifting, etc.  We want you to have a comfortable recovery and welcome your calls if you have any concerns post-procedure.

Dr. Eich has devoted his life to transforming men and women in the Birmingham area. His experience, skill and artistic ability will enable you to enjoy a transforming experience, knowing you’re in the best hands. We look forward to your call to schedule your consultation appointment.