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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

An Introduction to Abdominoplasty for Birmingham, Alabama; Anniston Areas

Abdominoplasty, also called a Tummy Tuck, is a surgical method of reducing excess skin and fat around the abdomen.  It is often part of body contouring surgery such as a lower body lift, a total body lift, or can be combined with a breast lift as a Mommy Makeover..

The Ideal Candidate for  Abdominoplasty

The ideal candidate for abdominoplasty is an adult man or woman in good health who wishes to reduce the extra skin and fat on their abdomen. If you have experienced cycles of weight gain and loss, or have had stretching of the abdominal area as a result of childbearing, you would likely benefit from an abdominoplasty.

It’s important to understand that while abdominoplasty recontours the abdomen and repositions sagging skin; it is not a weight loss tool. Therefore, we recommend that if you are on a weight loss program, that you achieve your weight loss goal prior to having an abdominoplasty.

The Basics of the Abdominoplasty Procedure

Dr. Eich performs abdominoplasty procedures in his onsite accredited plastic surgery suite in Birmingham.  Abdominoplasty is always performed under general anesthesia.

After an incision is made in the “bikini line” area, the skin is lifted to expose the muscle layer which is then tightened. The excess skin is measured and trimmed, and lipo-sculpting is performed to put the finishing touches on your new shape.

 Abdominoplasty takes about two hours.

Recovery from an Abdominoplasty

The discomfort from abdominoplasty is most noticeable for about three days; by two weeks, most people feel much better, although they may still be sore. Bruising after surgery usually lasts two to four weeks, and swelling is mostly gone at six weeks. The contour of the abdomen can improve for up to six months. There are usually two drains in the abdomen after surgery; although the drains are usually removed by 2 weeks after surgery, sometimes they are left for up to a month. You may shower as usual after surgery, but you must avoid getting into standing water such as a bath or pool. Recovery requires that you wear a compressive garment at all times for six weeks and avoid heavy lifting or exercise for approximately six weeks.

Convenient Office for Abdominoplasty in the Birmingham, Anniston, Gadsden and Tuscaloosa areas

We can schedule a follow-up visit for you within a few days of your abdominoplasty procedure in our office in Birmingham. 

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